Systems Inspired Leadership

rowSystems Inspired Leadership™ is a an advanced and courageous way of approaching leadership and team interactions. The development of SIL in a team or organizational system helps accelerate mindsets that are needed to face the challenges of this millennium. It equips leaders, teams and organizations with a mental model to access, unfold, align and lead people to higher performance. This offer unlimited possibilities in terms of awareness, creativity, choice, leadership and collaboration. By redirecting the focus from the individuals in the system to the system as an entity in itself, Systems Inspired Leadership enables leaders and team to tap into the true potential of human beings in action.

Systems Inspired Leadership™ catalyzes the ability of leaders, teams and organizations to move beyond personal concerns to a powerful, positive and generative group identity with resilience and resources to address and navigate the challenges ahead as the world we live and operate in transforms. It enables leaders to grasp increased levels of mental complexity, to identify patterns of interdependence and lead the paradigms of the future.

Anne Rød is Europe`s most experiences SIL facilitator, having worked with teams and leaders across the globe, enabling them to develop and harness their leadership potential.

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