Process facilitation

Systems Inspired Leadership (SIL) creates transparency, positivity, understanding, and trust. It enhances the ability to be in productive interactions even when controversial or divergent views surface, thus opening the way for creative dialogues and preparing a fertile ground for innovative thinking and solutions. 

By applying SIL to the facilitation of group processes, one optimizes group performance and output. This approach, in combination with our background in business and strategy, enable constructive processes where alignment and ownership emerges as a natural result.

We facilitate different processes; be it a one-day strategic kick-off, a strategy process or longer and more complex change process.
Each processes is uniquely tailored, and it can involve some of these  elements:

  • strategic overview of organization`s position; past, present and future
  • stakeholder mapping and needs
  • identifying hindrances and how to overcome these by leveraging strengths
  • developing values, purpose, vision and strategic goals
  • how to create the change, with whom.
  • ensuring ownership and buy- in creating and committing to action

Design and hosting: Senson AS