About us

Over the years Anne Rød et al as have worked with a multitude of teams and organizations across several continents. Our approach is based on evolving interactions and the processes are easy to follow providing benefit for everyone involved.

A typical intervention will start off with in- depth interviews with stakeholders to understand the needs and dynamics at work. An online diagnostic assessment may follow to help the team understand its own strengths and challenges.

Next come workshops especially designed to address the identified issues. Building sustainable change and leadership competence require stamina, experience and integrity and a wide range of skills and tools to support the process. Our approach and capacity reflects this.

Some of the issues we work with are:

  • building and strengthening executive teams, in general, or as preparation for upcoming business challenges or organizational development processes
  • internationalization strategies at executive and boards levels
  • leadership skills training for international environments
  • merger and acquisition that are failing to show adequate ROI
  • intercultural and virtual teams not performing to expected standards

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